Principal’s Message

Education can be defined in many different ways by different individuals; in truth it basically remains a way of extracting the best that already exists in our students. Education is the tool used for nurturing all human tendencies: mental, intellectual, physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual – for the all-round growth and development of our children.

We believe that each innocent, tender soul that comes to us is gifted in a particular way and we must help the child by imparting skills to assist him/her to discover his/her own special talents. Character training and development is made by the environment we create the, opportunities we offer and the encouragement and the support we provide. Our firm belief is that all students are not only equal but also unique and must be brought up to make their own mark within the community. The young lives in our care are encouraged to explore, experiment, employ and expand their imagination creatively and constructively.

To be able to successfully achieve this, we at Rissalah College look at this development as a partnership between the students, parents, educators and the community. The Management provides a positive educational environment and leaves no stone unturned in providing these academic facilities and in ensuring high quality teaching and learning. We sincerely request all the parents to participate in all activities in order to enhance the overall growth of our wonderful College.

Let us join together to induct happy, healthy, responsible and good Global Citizens into our Australian society. I look forward to continuing to work in partnership with one and all to build further on our achievements and to ensure that every student is given the opportunities to achieve their full potential in a safe and nurturing environment where anything is possible.