Historical Overview

Rissalah College was born in January 1997. During that time the school operated on two campuses: one at Greenacre and the other at Miller which was leased for the duration of one year. During January 1998, both campuses merged into one and became operational at Westbridge Centre, Villawood. On 13th of May 1999, we relocated Rissalah College to 291 Haldon St, Lakemba where it was based for the next 11 and a half years.


Today the college occupies the premises at 54-72 Hampden Road, Lakemba which it moved into at the beginning of 2011. The college today has 453 students which is a great feat considering its humble beginnings in 1997 with only 64 students.


The school commemorated its new premises with the Official Opening Ceremony held on September 7th, 2011.