School Philosophy


Rissalah in Arabic means “message”. The College strives to deliver the message of holistic education, coupled with universal human values, in order to create the best possible learning atmosphere for its students.

Rissalah College’s vision is to provide the best comprehensive education program of all six Key Learning Areas as stipulated by the Board of Studies NSW. We are committed to providing a supportive environment that enables students to attain their full potential through appropriate and diverse learning opportunities.


At Rissalah College, we are committed to promoting values that foster genuine acceptance of difference and diversity. We believe that all humans must be treated with dignity, equity, respect and compassion irrespective of their race, ethnicity, belief or gender. Particular attention is given to instilling devotion to promoting peace and harmony as life principles.


At Rissalah College we are committed to, and strive to engage, participate, build and nurture relationships within our community, working in harmony with parents, government and private educational institutions as well as the wider community in our program of activities, so as to produce students who embody the universal values of our faith. That is, functioning effectively as responsible, compassionate and balanced individual global citizens, cherishing diversity and actively contributing to Australia’s development and the global community.