BER Projects

Four projects were undertaken by the College through the Federal Governments Building Education Revolution funding. These projects were all completed on time and within budget.

The first project was the construction of a brand new multipurpose hall and library facility, equipped with the latest visual and digital technologies, as well as the construction of a multipurpose modern library to cater for the contemporary needs of education.


The second project that was undertaken was that of the refurbishment of existing administrative areas and classrooms. This projects primary aim was to renovate and upgrade existing purchased premises. Children’s classrooms and amenities were renovated and the façade of the College was given a facelift in order to create a healthy, happy and safe environment.


The third project was that of the refurbishment of the multipurpose court facility. This project addressed Occupational Health and Safety issues within an old designated playground area. Fundamentally this project provided an all-weather synthetic multipurpose court area with an additional play space area for younger students (infants).


Finally, the College was fortunate enough to implement the Secure Schools Program as its final project under the Building Education Revolution funding. This project was instrumental in the implementing and maintenance of an alarm, anti-fire and monitoring system. This project also afforded the College with a state of the art digital finger print recognition and accessibility system and software.


The Federal Government also provided the College funding under the National Solar School Program funding to install a solar power system and a range of renewable energy efficiency measures to help the College participate in assisting the fight to tackle climate change.