Community Engagement

The College has a strong philosophy built on the recognition that Australia’s diversity is a great blessing, enabling us to build better insights and understanding of the world around us, which contribute to a more inclusive, responsive community where every member is treated with respect, and given every opportunity to achieve their full potential.


Through our commitment to the enduring and fruitful engagement of partnerships with all groups within Australian society, we strive to achieve harmony and cohesion where everyone is a valued citizen no matter what their background.  The emphasis of our engagement strategy is to reinforce the notion that excellence lies not in one’s ethnic or racial background but in ones conduct.


With this philosophy in mind, the College continues to explore opportunities that promote engagement with people of all backgrounds, drawing on the importance of people interacting with one another to establish peace and harmony. This is an important principle that has been built within our College vision providing our students and the College community with opportunities to be involved in activities that encourage conversation and dialogue through increased interaction between different sectors and groups within our diverse society.


This principle is part of preparing our students to embrace inclusion and acceptance of diversity and in reinforcing the values of mutual respect and love for all of God’s creations. Such community engagement activities have contributed immensely to building bridges between different communities which has resulted in shifting people’s negative views and assumptions about people with whom they have never had any contact with.